Surveillance Cameras with Anywhere Access to Footage

Add a layer of protection to your premises with our hi-def surveillance cameras.

With our high-definition IP surveillance cameras, you add a layer of protection to your perimeter and/or interior spaces and warehouses while protecting your assets. The cameras record what happens on your premises, and you can review the footage from your on-site DVR or remotely from your desktop, laptop, or smartphone. See who’s coming and going, even when you’re out of the office.


CCT Telecomm will provide a turnkey solution for all of your surveillance camera needs, including cabling, installation, training, and local support. You can look at the footage from anywhere, so you’ll save valuable time in the event of a false alert (no need to run back to the office to see if anything truly happened when you’re not there). The user-friendly software enables you to manage, locate, play back, and offload video evidence from anywhere—all you need is internet access.

Surveillance cameras can reduce your liability

In some instances, having cameras strategically placed can help resolve workplace events including accidents and theft. Just the presence of cameras can deter instances of abuse, fraud, and theft while improving employee productivity.


Surveillance cameras save you money

Curtail employee theft, vandalism, or other costly occurrences with strategically placed surveillance cameras that are watching when or where you can’t.

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