Network Assessments

Our comprehensive network audit reveals the current state of your network and how it can be improved.  

Network Assessment

Your network is a crucial part of your business that enables your operations. However, it’s not enough to simply have a network—it needs to be optimized so your staff can work efficiently. But how can you know if your network has everything it needs to operate at its best? You can ensure you’re getting the most out of your infrastructure with a comprehensive network assessment.

A network assessment refers to a thorough review of the different aspects that make up your network. It includes an investigation into the management, security, processes, and performance of your environment. At the end of an assessment, you are given a clear view into the current state of your network. This allows you to see where your network is lacking and how it can be improved.

If your network needs an in-depth audit, reach out to the experts at CCT Telecomm. Our team evaluates the entirety of your infrastructure using an unbiased approach. During the process, we compile information about your network and use it to create an accurate report on its status. The appraisal we present to you outlines where your existing network currently stands. It also includes our recommendations on what can be done to make your network better.

CCT Telecomm specializes in voice and data services, so our team can help you integrate any of the suggestions we make into your system after the audit. That means less time is wasted trying to find a service provider and you can have a fully optimized network faster.

Why Have CCT Telecomm Perform an Analysis?

You work with your network all the time and this can create certain oversights if you were to perform an assessment on your own. A network assessment should always be done objectively as it’s the best way to assess your IT needs. An independent company like CCT Telecomm is able to lend the unbiased eye you need. Through our objective view of your environment, we are able to discover opportunities for improvement that you may have missed. 

What Does a Network Audit Identify?

Interested in enhancing your security posture, improving your agility, and gaining better business results? Then a network assessment is necessary. An assessment provides invaluable information that can be used to create a clear road map for improvement. While this process can reveal a variety of facts about your network, here are a few things you can expect to get out of an analysis:

  • Underused/Overused Resources: Your business only has so many resources to share amongst itself. It’s inevitable that some departments may require more network resources than others. However, you want to make sure that each department is only using what they need. A network assessment aims to make resource usage more efficient by identifying your real needs.
  • Security Vulnerabilities: A cyberattack or data leak could be disastrous for any business. It’s necessary to close up any security gaps in your network to prevent these incidents from happening. An evaluation of your network can reveal weaknesses in your system that you may have never known about.
  • Bottlenecks: When network performance dips, it may be an indicator that you’re experiencing a bottleneck. Bottlenecks are caused by actions that require a lot of bandwidth, like streaming videos or downloading a large file. Adding more bandwidth isn’t always the answer to this kind of problem. A network assessment can identify the cause of the bottleneck so you can take action to rectify it.

The Benefits of a Network Assessment

Just like how your car benefits from regular checkups, your network benefits from assessments. It grants you a clear picture into what your network is capable of. Additionally, it provides the information you need to create a roadmap for how you want your network to evolve. It can also deliver benefits like:

  • Cost Savings: Understanding the current state of your network allows you to see where you may be spending too much on resources. It enables you to optimize everything, including your hardware, software, power usage, and cooling expenses.
  • Risk Minimization: Implementing technology that’s not compatible with your existing infrastructure can sabotage your network. An assessment can inform you on what technology is needed and where so you see the full benefits of your network improvement efforts.
  • Better Decision Making: Network audits create a window that allows you to see what’s going on with your infrastructure. With this data, you can make informed decisions about maintenance and upgrades for your network.
  • Upgrade Opportunities: If your equipment is slowing down your network, it’s revealed in our network assessment report. We’re able to identify the hardware responsible for the bottleneck so you can replace it with a new solution.
  • Setting a Baseline: You can’t get an accurate measurement of how much your network improved or got worse without a baseline of data. Our audits tell you what your network’s current capabilities are so you know your baseline.
  • Ensure Compliance: Certain organizations are subject to compliance requirements. When you receive our report, you can find out if your existing network meets with the regulations of your industry.

Why Choose CCT Telecomm?

When you choose to work with CCT Telecomm, we see ourselves as your partner. As such, we have a vested interest in helping you achieve your goals. Ultimately, we want to put your business in the best position to succeed. To accomplish this mission, we offer industry leading services to enhance the way your business functions. Since every company is different, we customize our solutions to meet the unique demands of your business.

Looking for better managed service solutions? Let us know how we can help.

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