Business-Class High-Speed Internet

Transfer data and support your team’s collaboration tools with business-class high-speed internet from CCT Telecomm.

Business-Class High-Speed Internet Services

CCT Telecomm understands that business doesn’t wait. If your organization has been slowed down by unreliable internet service, it’s time to reexamine what’s working and what isn’t. To help you evaluate your current network, we offer free network audits. These audits identify bottlenecks and allow us to pinpoint a solution that delivers the bandwidth and network speed your team needs. 

Since we work with a national network of carriers, we’re able to offer on-demand reliability, all backed by live, local, 24/7 telecom support. With CCT Telecomm powering your network backbone, your business can minimize network downtime and outages, elevate productivity, and scale services as needed.

High-Speed Wireless Internet

Our most popular business internet solution is our high-speed, fixed wireless service. With fixed wireless internet, your business benefits from speeds of up to 100Mb. This is a cost-effective solution that’s able to serve the network needs of most small local businesses. 

As your provider, we’re able to deploy the necessary equipment to get your network up and running immediately. Even in rural and hard-to-reach locations where internet connectivity may be limited, we are able to get your network set up without delay. Our solutions streamline your organization’s business continuity and disaster recovery, while simultaneously supporting software-defined wireless area network (SD-WAN) architectures.

Managed Fiber Internet Services

If you want to take your network performance to the next level, managed fiber internet services from CCT Telecomm offer the ideal solution. Our managed fiber packages deliver the scalability and speeds today’s growth-oriented businesses demand. It does this while also integrating all of your network operations seamlessly. Our managed fiber services are optimized for everything from connecting cloud applications to streaming voice, video, and data.

In addition, CCT Telecomm offers multiple network speeds of up to 1Gb. This comes with burstable options that deliver super-fast network performance when it’s needed most—during peak traffic hours. Plus, fiber technology offers superior security and reliability over any other internet solution on the market today.

Business-Class Fiber Internet

Do you feel like you could be doing more with your fiber internet connection? We can ensure you’re getting the most out of that infrastructure with our business-class fiber internet services. Delivering synchronous upload/download speeds of up to 10Gbps, the days of choppy videoconferencing are long gone.

Our top-tier fiber internet services simultaneously streamline network traffic prioritization with on-demand bandwidth and virtually nonexistent latency. With a service-level agreement from CCT Telecomm, you get dedicated bandwidth, guaranteed network speeds, and around-the-clock reliability. This service is all backed by our live, local support team.

Structured Cabling

It’s necessary to have reliable infrastructure for your office to have the high-speed internet it needs to conduct daily business operations. At CCT Telecomm, we specialize in structured cabling and network configuration, installation, and deployment. We have the experience to work with a variety of cabling, including:

  • Category (CAT) 5 cables
  • CAT 5E cables
  • CAT 6 cables
  • Fiber-optic cables

The cabling solutions we provide are designed to minimize downtime while allowing you to scale easily as your business grows. If you’re having problems with existing infrastructure, our team can also perform cabling troubleshooting and cleanup. This is a service where we assess your cabling infrastructure and fix it if your previous structured cabling provider made a mistake. We are more than happy to visit your facility, even if you’re a first-time customer.

High-Speed Broadband Internet Consultation

CCT Telecomm has access to a nationwide network of service providers. When you choose us as your partner, we work with you to find the best network solution for your daily operations. Contact us today to schedule a free network assessment or consultation. We are always available to provide the guidance you need to make a smart business decision.

In addition to our internet solutions, we also offer business phone services. Modernize your business phone infrastructure with a voice-over internet protocol (VoIP) phone system. If you have a private branch exchange (PBX) phone, we can help you manage that phone solution as well.

Looking for better internet solutions? Let us know how we can help.

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