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Optimize the ideal calling features and internet phone services for your business.

Premier Business Phone Services

Without the right business phone services, even the latest business phone systems and hardware won’t be able to operate at peak performance. If you want to maximize the value of your business’s phone equipment, you need phone services optimized for that hardware. CCT Telecomm is ready to help you ensure your business phone services are aligned with your infrastructure, so you’re getting the most out of your telecom budget.


Our experts leverage a national network of VoIP service providers to package all of your carrier options and customize a solution for your operations and budget. As a result, CCT Telecomm helps you take advantage of a telecom platform that delivers precisely what you need and nothing you don’t. Our focus is on providing the most cost-effective solution for your specific needs without compromising call clarity or network performance.

VoIP Service Providers and SIP Trunking

In today’s business communication environment, VoIP services and SIP trunking have become the new norm. While that’s great for your bottom line as new providers enter the market and bring costs down, it’s not so great when it comes to time efficiency. Your team may not have the time, industry knowledge, or connections to make sure you’re partnering with the right VoIP service provider—or providers—for your ongoing success.


That’s why CCT Telecomm is here to absorb that burden by saving you the time and hassle of researching and balancing cost estimates while simultaneously delivering the clarity and transparency you can expect from your internal team. We package all of your VoIP phone service as well as SIP trunking options and then present you with all critical information, including project timelines, cost assessments, and scalability. When you partner with CCT Telecomm, we first make sure you have all the vital information before you ever make a decision.


Once you’ve made the right choice for your business’s needs, we then work with you to implement and deploy the selected solution. The best part about our VoIP and SIP trunking solutions is that the technology enables rapid deployment, streamlined troubleshooting, and simplified monitoring. Plus, our VoIP phone services are optimized for a host of communication platforms, including:


  • IP-based phone systems
  • Hosted phone services
  • Legacy PBX systems


Whether you’re ready to replace an existing phone system, or you want to maintain a legacy system, CCT Telecomm works with your business to deliver the latest communication technology while staying on budget. To ensure your network has a reliable backbone, our experts also specialize in structured cabling services optimized for your system.


Cloud-Based VoIP or On-Premises PBX?

Depending on your business’s goals and budget, we can help you understand the differences and make the decision between on-premises IP PBX (a business phone system installed at your office) and cloud-based VoIP (hosted at a data center). No matter which option you’re considering, we work with you to conduct a telecom assessment and recommend the right package for your needs.


Toll-Free Numbers

CCT Telecomm can also partner with you to expand your regional or national presence with custom business phone numbers and toll-free number solutions. We make it easier for your customers to stay in contact with you while minimizing operating expenses.


Choose the Ideal Internet Phone Service for Your Business

Interested in partnering with the experts at CCT Telecomm? Contact us today to schedule a free business phone service audit, and we’ll clarify just how much money we can save your organization.

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