Telecom Hardware Products

With our telecom hardware products, you get all the tools your business needs to operate securely, efficiently, and productively.

Telecom Hardware Products

Calling, video conferencing, emailing, faxing, and more are all critical business functions that are necessary for your daily workflows. However, you can’t perform any of these actions if you don’t have access to the right tools. At CCT Telecomm, we understand how important telecommunication is for business. That’s why we don’t only provide our clients with industry-leading telecom services, but we also ensure they have the high-quality business telecom products they need to use those services.

The business telecom equipment we offer is designed to improve your organization by enhancing efficiency, productivity, and security. We have all the solutions your company requires, including surveillance cameras, cabling, and business telephones.

Business Phone Systems

Are you in need of a business phone that can scale along with the growth of your company? Or maybe you just want to upgrade your existing system? Whatever the case may be, CCT Telecomm has just the solution you’re looking for.

When you choose us as your partner, we work alongside your team to understand the communication demands of your business. With this information, we customize a hardware and business phone service platform based on your needs. Whether you need a voice-over internet protocol (VoIP) device or a private branch exchange system, we have you covered.

Data and Fiber Cabling

Just as important as any hardware you use, the internet is a necessity for business. To get the internet, your office needs to be outfitted with a structured cabling infrastructure. At CCT Telecomm, we are specialists in structured cabling infrastructure configuration, installation, and deployment.

Our team can handle all of your organization’s telecom network equipment needs, including:

  • Category (CAT) 5 cables
  • CAT 5E cables
  • CAT 6 cables
  • Fiber optic cables

If you already have structured cabling throughout your building, but you’re unhappy with it, that’s no problem. Give us a call, and we can send our technicians to troubleshoot it. As a leader in the industry, we leverage our knowledge and experience to correct the mistakes made by other less-skilled cabling companies.

Security Cameras for Business

Deter theft, reduce liability, improve perception, and make your workplace safer by adding a surveillance system. At CCT Telecomm, we offer high-definition security cameras that provide an extra layer of protection for your interior and exterior spaces. Our security cameras are a turnkey solution, where we take care of cabling, installation, training, and support.

The surveillance systems we offer capture everything happening on your premises. Since these are internet-connected cameras, you can review footage directly from the workplace or on the go from a laptop, tablet, and even your phone. Rest easy knowing your place of business is safe from troublemakers.

Looking for better voice solutions? Let us know how we can help.

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