Structured Cabling

We offer structured cabling solutions and network infrastructure solutions that prepare your business for tomorrow.

Structured Cabling Solutions

The infrastructure and equipment at your building represent the backbone of your organization’s network operations. Without reliable infrastructure, your network will never perform at peak efficiency or capacity. CCT Telecomm can help you ensure less-than-optimal network infrastructure never slows down your business. Our experts specialize in structured cabling and network infrastructure configuration, installation, and deployment services that minimize business downtime while scaling for future growth and change.

CCT Telecomm can handle all of your business’s data and cabling needs, including:

  • CAT 5
  • CAT 5E
  • CAT 6
  • Fiber optic cables

Fiber Optic Cable Installation

Our team is well versed on industry-best cabling standards to keep your network unified and optimize network infrastructure for your virtual environment. Our expertise includes the ability to streamline fiber optic cable installation at your facility. We not only expand on existing network cabling—we can also provide the fundamental backbone cabling and horizontal cabling for new construction and renovation projects.

With CCT Telecomm, you can be confident that all devices connected to your network, including business phone systems, computers, network access points, and surveillance cameras, are going to stay connected while getting the bandwidth and speeds they need. And when it’s time to expand or upgrade your network, you’ll know who to call.

Network Infrastructure Solutions

As your business grows, your IT and network infrastructure needs to evolve with your operations. CCT Telecomm can simplify the network infrastructure aspect of business growth by overseeing your structured cabling systems and expanding or upgrading your cabling infrastructure as needed.

Whether you’re ready to deploy security cameras at your facility or you’re looking to migrate network operations to a cloud data center, our team can assess and oversee your infrastructure needs. With the right infrastructure in place, we can even install and deploy the latest IP surveillance cameras!

Fiber Termination Projects

Need to connect your network at a fiber cable termination point or make sure you’re set up for a fiber-lit building? CCT can get your network infrastructure up and running while simultaneously optimizing a solution for your business’s peripheral equipment needs. From there, we can then provide business-class high-speed internet connectivity for a total communications solution.

VoIP Network Infrastructure

If your business relies on a Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) phone system, you need network infrastructure that delivers the speed and bandwidth on-premises or cloud-based IP phone systems demand. Otherwise, your team will never experience the next-level call clarity, latency, or collaboration functionality that you’re paying for. CCT Telecomm helps ensure that you’re maximizing the value of telecom services with infrastructure engineered and optimized for your communications platform.

Cabling Troubleshooting and Cleanup

Lastly, CCT Telecomm is here for you when the other guys fail. When you make the mistake of partnering with a structured cabling company that doesn’t know what they’re doing, you always run the risk of problems or emergencies later on. That’s why we’re here to clean up the messes they create with our cabling troubleshooting and cleanup services. Even if you’re a first-time customer, we’ll be happy to visit your facility, assess the current situation, and deliver a solution that sets your business up for success.

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