How To Access Your Remote Security Cameras

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Installing cameras is a great idea to improve the security of your business. Not only are they able to record everything they see, but just their physical presence can help deter crime. If your security cameras are connected to the internet, then it’s possible to review and even stream the footage they capture. In this blog, we discuss why you should set up remote camera monitoring.   

Benefits of Remote Security Cameras

Peace of mind is one of the main reasons to own a security system, whether you choose to install a wired or wireless solution. However, internet protocol (IP) cameras come with an advantage non-IP cameras don’t have—the ability to access footage remotely. This feature isn’t just something that’s nice to have, it provides a bevy of benefits you may not have considered. 

Here are some of the benefits of remote viewing:

Monitor Threats From Anywhere

It’s impossible to keep an eye on every part of your business at all times. Or is it? If your surveillance system supports remote viewing, then you can access security footage from anywhere with an internet connection. Keep in mind, however, you need a high speed internet connection with high bandwidth to access high resolution footage remotely.

Access From Any Device

IP cameras rely on the internet to store and send the footage they capture. Since this information exists online, almost any internet enabled device can access that footage. This means you can take out your laptop, tablet, or even phone and watch the live feed. 

Observe How Customers Interact in Real Time

Have you ever been curious about how customers interact with your products, marketing, employees, or with each other? This information is valuable as it could be used to further improve the overall customer experience. With remote monitoring, you can check in on customers and observe their behaviors in real time. Additionally, it gives you the power to keep an eye on potential troublemakers.

Check In With Employees

Sometimes when you’re traveling for business or on vacation, you get the itch to see how your employees are doing. Is the business running smoothly or is there an issue holding everyone up? With remote monitoring, you can take a peek into how your employees are handling your absence. If there is a problem, like maybe a fire broke out, you can react quickly and reach out to someone at the company to get the full details and offer support. 

Eliminate Worries

How many times have you left the house and thought you forgot to close the garage door? This happens when leaving the workplace as well. Maybe you left a gift at your desk, forgot to close the door, or something else. With remote viewing, you can quickly connect to your security cameras and see if you forgot anything at work. 

Let Us Set Up Your Surveillance System

Add an extra layer of protection to your business with a surveillance system from CCT Telecomm. Our security cameras are a turnkey solution, meaning we do the installation for you. Our team can also explain how to monitor your security camera remotely to take advantage of the benefits we listed here. 

Contact us today to learn more about the benefits of security cameras.

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