How IT Outsourcing Services Can Help With the Great Resignation



California companies have always faced IT challenges, but when the COVID-19 pandemic hit, those challenges became much more apparent. IT didn’t change, but a large number of employees quit their jobs in droves, making it hard for companies to find and maintain an IT team.

Dubbed the Great Resignation, this massive surge of turnover has made it hard for companies to manage their IT in house. People quit their jobs because they wanted to find a better paying job with more flexibility to work remotely.

For other departments, a massive shift like this wouldn’t make such a huge impact, but losing IT personnel has been a big deal. Companies experience technical issues every day, but not having a full IT team has made these issues much worse.


Are You Short on In-House IT Staff in California?

Is your company struggling to keep up with your daily technology needs? Do you scramble to find help for things you used to effortlessly delegate to your IT team? If so, there is a simple solution: outsourced IT. Outsourcing your IT services is the ideal way to combat the effects of a high turnover rate. Here’s how.


Lower Costs

Did you know that outsourcing your IT needs can save you money? Compared to maintaining a full-time team in house, outsourcing your needs usually costs less. That’s because you aren’t paying someone to show up and clock in every day. You’re instead paying for specific services that aren’t being charged at a daily rate.

Currently, to get a talented in-house IT team, you’ll probably need to offer a much higher salary than you’re used to offering for each position. People aren’t willing to work for the same wages they earned pre-pandemic. You may even need to offer a sign-on bonus or add the option to work remotely. You’ll also need to train all of your new hires, and that takes time and money. All of these things will become costly fast, so it makes sense to outsource your IT needs.


Access to Top Talent

One of the difficulties you’ll face with an in-house IT team is being limited by the talent in your local area. For instance, you might want a cybersecurity expert with a CISSP certification, but a qualified professional may not be nearby. There are plenty of certified individuals out there, but most people won’t move far for a job unless the benefits are substantial.

It’s always more challenging to find IT talent when you’re trying to fill a specific position that requires a specific certification. Outsourced IT services give you access to top talent regardless of where they’re located. Companies that provide outsourced IT hire the best talent they can find to put together solid teams that can tackle any issue.


Immediate Help

Just like you can count on an in-house team to respond right away, a trained outsourced IT team will also be immediately available to help. You can call about a problem any time—some companies offer 24/7 support through weekends and evenings, too.

When you have an outsourced IT team, many issues can be resolved remotely, including network and connection problems. As long as they can access your network remotely, they can reboot equipment, install patches, update firmware, and troubleshoot just about anything without sending someone out to you.


Not only will you save money with outsourced IT, but you’ll find it easier to manage than an in-house team. For instance, you’ll pay a flat fee rather than having to cut multiple paychecks and keep track of payroll taxes, sick pay, vacation time, and more.

Once you start using managed IT services, you won’t want to go back to doing things the old way. In fact, the world is moving toward a new model where outsourced companies are an organization’s IT department.


What Services Can Outsourced IT Provide?

When you outsource your IT services, you’ll get access to the following:

Outsourced Help Desk MSP

The company you contract will be available for all of your general support needs. Can’t connect a printer to your wireless network? They’ll troubleshoot the issue with you. Having problems encrypting your emails with the system they just installed for you? Support is just a phone call away.

Network Setup, Security, and Troubleshooting

Whether you already have a network infrastructure or you need one built from scratch, an outsourced IT team will procure all the right equipment and set it up for you.

Security Awareness Training for Your Team

IT security is great, but it’s only strong when your team follows best practices. If you need someone to train your team on security, your managed IT service provider can do that for you.

Outsourced Telecom System Management

Traditional phone systems are becoming obsolete, and VoIP has taken over. Whether you need telecom services for in-house or remote employees, your managed IT service provider will set you up with a reliable VoIP solution.


Whether you need a full cybersecurity plan built from scratch or you just need to secure your endpoints and roll out a BYOD policy for your in-house employees, your managed IT service provider can do it all.

Need Managed IT Services in California?

If you’re ready to beat the Great Resignation and tackle your IT challenges head-on, our managed IT services can help. Contact CCT Telecomm today to learn more about how our services can save you money and get you all the IT help you need.


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